A Brief Intro About The FlipChit Game 

The FlipChit game came to life when Andrew Gleim, otherwise known as “THE Chit Master”,  invented and played the game he created as a child. 

Andrew refined his childhood game after several years passed and a few decades of challenging gameplay with close friends and family.  Around 2010, the name FlipChit and the official gameplay was conceived. Although it took some time to pursue, the idea was finalized in 2021.

In 2022, FlipChit, Chit and Let the Chit Begin became patent pending in the USA!  

Andrew asked his lifelong friend Bobby Vallandingham to assist him with bringing the “Chit” character to life. Bobby took the game from the original concept game pieces and aided in the development of the manufacturing and production processes. 

The two best friends created a business (MuletownBros, LLC) they named after the hometown where they grew up: Muletown, Ohio otherwise known as Minford, Ohio.

Muletown Bros has brought the idea to life by creating a unique “Chit” character, plenty of catchy “Chit Talk” merchandise, and add to that the addictive gameplay! FlipChit is going to quickly become a new backyard indoor/outdoor game to quickly take over the tailgater’s free time.

FlipChit is compact, easy to learn, easy to play and can be played in small spaces. Unlike other outdoor games, FlipChit can be played indoors and can be easily adapted to smaller than suggested gameplay to accommodate space limitations and is just as fun as regulation size play!

FlipChit is a flexible game ready to make its debut in 2022! 

Don’t forget to check out the All Things Chit section which contains the original Flipchit game, and unique apparel.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. And the Muletown Bros are always willing to compete against other Chit Heads and talk chit!